As many of you know, I used to be a Kindergarten teacher! A huge part (and joy) of my job is picking out quality children’s books that foster learning and vocabulary, but I also love seeing what sparks Gracie’s interest! We love going to the library or perusing Barnes & Noble to find new and exciting books!

I am also a bit of a bookworm myself, so I felt like it was time to share both what Gracie and I read each week!

What We Read | Volume 2

If you stay home with your children (or even if you don’t) chances are you do lots of reading together. You probably also go to the library now and then, and sometimes it can be a daunting task to find age appropriate, relevant material to check out. I know that after being out of the teaching game for a couple of years I had to re-immerse myself in the world of children’s literature. Here’s what we read.

What Gracie’s Reading

Here is what Gracie is reading in the photo above: Yoga Bug

This book is so adorable you guys! The one pictured is another yoga story (couldn’t find it online unfortunately), but Yoga Bug is adorable! The poses are super easy for kids to do. (Parents can do them with.) It’s a great calming technique when toddlers are upset too!

Be sure to check it out for your little ones 🙂


Here is the book we are starting on for our book club: POSITIVE PARENTING by Rebecca Eanes

I read this once before, but it was right as I was dipping my toes into toddlerhood. Now that I’m in full swing, I feel like it will be beneficial for me to reread and get some helpful tips on toddler life 😉

As for the book club — we are going to start one week from today. Here are the details!

When? Wednesday, June 20th (and discussions will happen every week thereafter)

Where? My Motherhood Facebook group (click here to join)

How? We’ll read one chapter per week (not a lot of time commitment) have a weekly discussion thread about the book on my site (in the What We Read blog posts) AND in the Motherhood FB group.

How do I get started? To begin, you can purchase the book, check it out at the library, or buy it on Audible to listen to. You get the book, and read chapter one by next Wednesday. Then you join our FB group and participate in discussion! That’s it! Super easy and a great way to talk about practical application of the skills we learn in the chapters!

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I hope you enjoyed this post about what we read! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. I want to join! Barns and Noble is also offering a great reward for children this summer, if your child reads 8 books (they do not have to be purchased from the store) they give your your 9th for free! Great deal!

    xx, Elise

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