I’ve loved using my Tula free to grow carrier with Norah over the last few months. It’s easy and quick to put on, and once you have it adjusted the right way, it takes literally two seconds to pop baby in! Here is how to put a newborn in your Tula free to grow carrier!

How to Put Your Newborn in a Tula Free to Grow Carrier

1 // adjust the settings (see this video on how to adjust settings for a newborn)

The Tula free to grow carrier has three settings. Narrow, middle, and wide. I use the narrow setting for Norah since she’s still very tiny. You can also adjust the panel height as baby gets taller with the easily adjustable straps!

2 // place baby’s bottom in the seat of the carrier

Line up baby’s legs and knees with the seat and leg padding. Once baby’s bum is in the seat, you can adjust as needed too!

3 //  as you do this, lean back to support baby

Leaning back, and holding baby’s bum or back for support while you get your arm straps on is crucial for baby’s safety!


4 // slide on your arm straps (keep baby supported at all times with your hands)


5 // buckle the back strap

This is something you want to check before baby is in as far as comfort level. It should be right at your shoulder blades. You want it close enough for you to reach behind and buckle but far down enough so that you can feel comfortable wearing for a long time.

6 // check arm straps

Tighten or loosen the arm straps as needed. This should already be done for the most part because you adjusted your carrier before putting baby in!


7 // conduct a fit check

-Baby’s Seat: baby shouldn’t be sitting on waistband

-the fabric should cover knee-to-knee

-baby should have full range of motion at their knees

-baby should be close enough to kiss


I hope this post on how to put your newborn in a Tula free to grow carrier was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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