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I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy clothing size, guys! I’ve really missed wearing my favorite clothing brands, so I decided to shop for a few new things to treat myself. As a mom of a three-year-old and a newborn, I don’t have tons of time to shower, let alone go shopping! If you’re in this boat, you’ve got to keep reading to see how to find name brand clothing on a budget.

How to Find Name Brand Clothing on a Budget


I’ve been shopping online for everything these days. It’s just the most mom-friendly mode of getting what I need because I can do it right from my couch, next to my kids! There’s no bribing my littles to behave while I shop or fear of braving the mall with a new baby.

One of the things I missed wearing during pregnancy was distressed denim. The maternity brands I wore just didn’t offer the type of distressed jeans I like. One Teaspoon is my favorite brand of distressed jeans, but they’re pretty pricey. I have to put not one, but two kids through college, so I did some searching for alternatives. I found the One Teaspoon jeans I’m wearing for only $69 on eBay Fashion, brand new. I was super surprised to learn that 85% of the items sold on eBay are brand new, actually! I felt like I hit the jackpot. The exact jeans I’m wearing are normally $138. I couldn’t believe I’d found these jeans for a fraction of the regular price! I think I know where I’ll be stocking up on distressed shorts too.

The truth is though, shopping on eBay Fashion is sort of like an art. It helps to know how to have some insider tips on how to refine your search to get the items you want. Here are some helpful things to think about.

1 // Know the brands you’re looking for.

It’s remarkable how many of the brands I saw and recognized when I was shopping. Zara, Anthropologie, J.Crew and Free People are some of my favorite brands, and they’re all available on eBay Fashion! Like I said, I know the sizing and fit of One Teaspoon, and I know I like their product. It makes it much easier to know the brands you’re going to look up when you are shopping for an item. If not, though, the sellers on there are great about leaving thorough and honest descriptions on the items. I like that everything is super organized in that way.

2 // Know the exact item name you’re looking for (If you’re searching for something specific).

The Free People Mont Blanc sandals are a pair of shoes that I’ve been eyeing for months. They’re normally $168, so I waited to pull the trigger on them. I was also disappointed to see that they were sold out in my size at Free People’s store. I knew I wanted them though and I kept checking around to see if they’d go on sale or if I’d find them at a good rate. When I looked on eBay Fashion I found a couple of different sellers that had listed them brand new, in multiple sizes (including my size) so I bought them right away! It was so thrilling for me to find them on eBay when I knew they weren’t available anywhere else!

3 // Utilize the “Buy It Now” feature.

The “Buy it Now” feature is so underrated! I used to think eBay was just auctions and bidding, but so many of their items (especially apparel) fall under “Buy it Now”. It’s quick, easy, and transparent. Some people like the thrill of the auction though, so it’s up to your own personal taste.

4 // Refine your search.

If you take away anything from reading my post today, let it be this! Refining your search when you’re shopping on eBay Fashion is key. I listed out the steps I take below. Plus I included a screenshot below of which search options I selected to find my One Teaspoon distressed jeans.

How to Search for a Specific Item on eBay Fashion:

1 // Select your category. 

Select “Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories” from the dropdown menu.

2 // Type in the item description you’re searching for.

I typed in “One Teaspoon Distressed Jeans size 29” in the search box. It helped me to specify size right away.

3 // Select the type of clothing (women’s clothing, etc.)

On the left hand side of the screen is where you refine your search. I hit “women’s clothing” and “jeans” but I could have hit “shorts” or “dresses” if that’s what I was after.

4 // Select price if applicable.

I wasn’t worried about a price minimum or maximum, so I skipped this step this time.

5 // Select buying format: “Buy It Now” option.

I prefer this because I don’t have time to sit and bid on items, but some people love bidding! My personal preference is to just buy the item outright with this handy feature 😉

 6 // Select condition, location, delivery options, and refine further (returns, and authorized sellers, etc.)

I selected “new with tag” because I wanted to buy a brand new item! I didn’t need to refine my search for returns or sellers purposes, but you could if you’re worried about shipping to a specific place or returns!

After I found the items I had purchased (the shoes, dress, and jeans) they ALL arrived on my doorstep within three days. I love this feature, and you can actually specify that in your search if you need an item for a summer vacation or something!

Is there a favorite brand you have that’s sold out of a specific item? Or maybe you’re like me, and a mom who has no time to shop in person, and would rather shop online! If you are either of those things, definitely check out eBay Fashion. As you can see it’s super easy! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment on this post or shoot me an email! I’m always down for shopping 😉

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I hope this post was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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