This post is long overdue, as the new Baby Tula ‘Free to Grow’ carrier has been out for over a year! We have loved using the Free to Grow with Norah. It’s a carrier that works from 7 pounds to 45 pounds. That’s pretty much right from birth to toddlerhood! It’s the carrier that grows with your child. Like any new baby product, you have to learn how to use it! I’ve filmed myself unboxing a brand new Free to Grow and getting it set up and adjusted to wear my two month old babe. Keep reading and watching for tips on how to adjust your free to grow Tula baby carrier from it’s factory settings.

How to Adjust Your Free to Grow Tula Baby Carrier From it’s Factory Settings



1 // Adjust the waistband

In the video I tighten/loosen the waistband to fit comfortably for wearing. When I put the carrier on, I typically have the waistband at or near my belly button for wearing a newborn. As baby grows, you’ll move the waistband down slightly to allow for their height.

2 // Adjust the seat

The seat is adjusted with snaps. You use the settings narrow, middle, or wide depending on the age, height and weight of your baby! I keep this setting on ‘narrow’ for my 2 month old.

3 // Adjust the arm straps

These are easily adjustable with little buckles that you tighten or loosen.

4 // Check back buckle

Make sure this is easy to buckle on your own by reaching back and over your shoulders. You also want it to be in a comfortable position for wearing, so not too close to your neck, but not super far down your back either.

5 // Adjust panel height

This is adjust by the two straps at the top of the panel near baby’s head. This top part provides support for baby’s neck, and you want the carrier to hit just at their neck, so adjust accordingly! See how to adjust those in the video!


I hope this post with tips on how to adjust your free to grow Tula baby carrier from it’s factory settings is helpful to you! If it was, please consider pinning or sharing any of the images in the post so other families can find it and enjoy it too!

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