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Being a mom is hard work! It’s wonderfully joyous and I wouldn’t trade this role for any other, but sometimes it can be really difficult to get side projects done. I constantly get asked how I accomplish anything now that I have two beautiful babies, and it’s been a bit of a learning curve, but I think I’ve finally figured out the secret. I’m sharing a few tips about how I get stuff done these days. I hope these tips are helpful to you!

How I Get Stuff Done as a Mom of Two

I had a giant to-do list of things I wanted to get done before Norah came. I did complete many of my to-do items, but things I knew I wouldn’t need right away kind of got left by the wayside. Now I try to take a few minutes each week to get those little side projects done that I didn’t have time to complete. Whether it’s cleaning out the pantry, organizing closets, or just doing our weekly loads of laundry, I always have a bit of fuel to help me get stuff done.

Many of you know that I cloth diapered Gracie. One of my to-do list items before Norah was to strip, wash, and sanitize all of my cloth diapers I used with Gracie, but it just didn’t happen! It’s been a total monkey on my back. I opted to use disposables for the first couple months of Norah’s life, but I really started to miss my cloth. So it was time to get it done.

1 // Lots of coffee.

Like most moms, I thrive best when I have energy. Coffee is my go-to inspiration when I need a little boost in the morning. Since it’s summer, and our current temps are well over 100 degrees I drink cold brew! I picked up this StoK Cold Brew the other day and it’s quickly becoming my new favorite. It truly it an event to leave my house with two little ones, so I’ve been drinking my coffee at home. I actually prefer this method over going out for coffee. Most of the caffeinated drinks I get when I’m out are filled with sugar; I like that this unsweetened cold brew gives me the zing I need without the sweet.

I like cold brew coffee because it’s bold and smooth. StoK brews their cold brew coffee with a method that’s low, and slow and takes ten hours. The result is a delicious and smooth roast. I prefer to drink my cold brew in a mason jar with a hint of cinnamon, through my reusable straw of course 😉

2 // Wearing Norah (my two-month-old).

As many of you know, I wore Grace often when she was smaller. But being hands-free with two kids has been a total game changer. I don’t know how I would do the dishes, fold laundry, or even type out this blog post without the wonderful tool of babywearing. Here Norah is sleeping while I complete my special project of preparing her cloth diapers. She slept for a good two hours, which allowed me to get stuff done. Anyone who doesn’t have a baby carrier as part of their every day mom life needs to seriously consider getting one!

3 // Including Grace (my three-year-old).

Since having Norah, Gracie has definitely noticed a shift. I try to be super realistic about including her. She has a few baby dolls, and she likes to feed, change, and wear them just like I do Norah. I’ve also found that including her in small tasks I need to complete allows me to get stuff done. Rather than make sure she’s busy and behaving, I just have her do things with me right here. So, helping me make oatmeal, helping me sort the cloth diapers, or helping me hang up her laundry… these are all things she loves to do. It helps her to feel close to me, and helps her feel included.

My Cloth Diaper Project:

So for these cloth diapers, I needed to first organize them (pockets vs. all in ones vs. inserts), so you can see in the first photo below, Gracie is helping me do that! Then I needed to soak them in a tub full of mineral removal solution. The second photo is Gracie helping me do that, (while I’m sipping my coffee of course!) After that I needed to wash and dry them twice (first with just detergent, then a water rinse cycle). Then after they were dry, we folded them and I was able to use a cloth diaper on Norah! That’s the last photo. Grace is so proud of how she helped me complete this project too! I couldn’t have done it without my Stok Cold Brew energy boost though 😉


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Thank you so much for reading!

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