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Since having Norah, I honestly feel like a new mom again. It had been almost three years since I had Gracie and I forgot what the newborn stages were like! It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I could truly appreciate all that a mom does. It’s truly like an exclusive club that you just can’t understand unless you’re part of it! Here’s why mothers deserve to be celebrated; otherwise known as an ode to moms.

An Ode to Moms

We can do ten things at once. 

Moms are the ultimate multi-tasking masters. They can: wash dishes, sing a song, cook dinner, wear a baby, nurse a baby, think about what to wear tomorrow, prep breakfast, and keep kids happy, all simultaneously. It sounds like a lot but us moms? We do it with ease. Yes, doing ten things (or more) at once helps us tackle our super long to-do lists each day.

Some of us carry and birth children.

With pregnancy and childbirth fresh in my mind, we mamas surely deserve a medal of honor for carrying and birthing a baby, or two, (or three). Am I right? Moms surely deserve all of the medals for the toll it takes to carry a human life for almost a year and then ensure it’s safe delivery into the world. Lots of work, both physically and mentally; yet totally worth it!

Some of us care for children that aren’t ours, as our own.

Teachers, foster moms, grandmothers, and aunts. Just because you may not have birthed a child doesn’t mean you aren’t a rock star mom. When I was teaching, I felt that my classroom of children were all my own. I loved them, taught them, encouraged them, and listened to them. Moms come in all different shapes and sizes, so to speak.

We only shower once a week, yet can still look somewhat fabulous.

Huge shoutout to dry shampoo on this one! Moms who have kiddos don’t have time to shower every morning, yet we can make ourselves look halfway presentable. Beauty short cuts like dry shampoo, eyelash extensions, and baseball caps help out a bit. It truly is miraculous though.

We can survive on very minimal sleep.

Key word here is “can” not that we want to survive on two or three hours of rest, but sometimes motherhood calls. Even during the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes your toddler is sick and needs you to cuddle them while they watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all night. Or you have a newborn and they need to be nursed every hour while they go through a developmental leap. Whatever the case, moms are survivors. They can make it through the next day somewhat unscathed. (A nap and some coffee definitely help though 😉 )

Moms are selfless.

They offer their food to their babies before feeding themselves. They make sure their kids are well-dressed and presentable before fixing themselves up for the day. They make sure their partners are loved and understood, and they spend their free time preparing things like grocery lists, sewing bows for the whole soccer team, and scheduling doctors and dentist appointments. Moms are as selfless as they come.

Yes, moms truly deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. One of the ways my husband knows I feel loved and appreciated is by little reminders here and there. A note, a handmade card from Gracie, and one of my favorites: fresh flowers.

I love plants and any sort of thing I get to admire. They add a cheerfulness to the house that makes my day a bit brighter. They also serve as a little reminder that my husband and girls appreciate what I do to ensure they are all happy and healthy. Family is everything, after all.


Back when I was teaching, my husband would also send flowers to my classroom super often, and he always used (and still does) 1-800-Flowers.com. We love that there are a variety of offerings at several price points. My husband mentioned that when he ordered me flowers the first time he was having trouble picking an arrangement I would like. The customer care team is amazing and she actually helped him choose after asking what the occasion was, and a few other key questions.

I also distinctly remember my grandpa gifting flowers to my grandma (who is also a teacher) each year on Mother’s Day. I believe he used 1-800-Flowers.com too! Did you know they’ve been around for 40 years? They’re a go-to source and industry leader for Mother’s Day gift-giving. They just released their 2018 Mother’s Day Collection, and it’s full of gorgeous arrangements perfect for any mother in your life!

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Are you a mom? What is your favorite type of flower?



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  1. These photos are precious as always! I’d love flowers for myself but I’ll definitely be sending them to my momma 🙂

  2. Love this!!! And if I were to win I would gift them to my mom. She’s always there for me and truly the best! She’s also an amazing Grandma to my kids. 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful article. My mother would love these flowers. She is so selfless. I just recently had a baby girl on April 17th, and she helps me with her and my crazy two year old boy. There are some nights when my two year old was a. baby where she would come over and stay up all night just to let my husband and I sleep. People like her deserve the world. Love your article and blog ❤️

  4. I love 1-800 flowers too because even though I’m living in the US I can still send flowers to my mom all the way in El Salvador with a trusted site

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