When Norah was born, we quickly learned that she is an extremely mouthy baby. She was pretty much born with her hands in her mouth. Therefore, we knew that unlike her sister, she would benefit from trying out a pacifier.

We knew we wanted to try out a non-toxic, natural option, but weren’t sure which one she would like best, so after asking around we decided to try out both the Natursutten and the Hevea. It’s been three weeks, and Norah easily has chosen her favorite! Keep reading to see which pacifier Norah prefers, and to see my full Natursutten vs. Hevea pacifier review.

Natursutten vs. Hevea Pacifier Review

These brands were the most recommended by moms, friends, and the online community, so we bought one of each to test out with our newborn. We quickly realized there are several similarities between the two.

They both…

Are made from natural, non-toxic rubber.

Have a rounded or orthodontic nipple option.

Are free from any BPA, PVC, phthalates, and artificial colors.

Are made from one whole piece of rubber to prevent bacteria in crevices.

Which did Norah prefer?

As you can see, there are several similarities between the two. However, there are three key things that I noticed about them that were enough to have me convinced that one is better than the other. It just so happens that Norah’s favorite is my favorite too: The Natursutten!

The Natursutten has three size options, while the Hevea only has two.

The Natursutten has a 0-6 months size nipple, 6-12 months, and also a 12+ size. The 6-12 size is the same size as any “newborn” pacifier options, so the 0-6 is smaller, and seems to work really well for newborns. Hevea only has the 0-3 months, and 3-36 months option.

The Natursutten pacifier offers a rounded shield or butterfly shield option, whereas the Hevea only has a butterfly shield.

You can read more about why a rounded shield is preferred for some babies in this post here.

The Natursutten is much less stiff and softer than the Hevea. 

The Natursutten is soft, bendy, and moldable. It very closely simulates skin. She would use the Hevea paci, but seemed so off put by how stiff it was. But the moldable and bendy Natursutten is easily her favorite.

Which Natursutten pacifier is Norah using?

Norah is an exclusively breastfed baby, so we had to ask ourselves which pacifier would be the best one for her to try out based on that information. Right now, she uses the Natursutten round shield, round nipple in 0-6 month size. You can read more about which one we chose for her, and why in this post here!

I hope this Natursutten vs. Hevea pacifier review was helpful to you! If it was, please consider sharing the image below to pinterest so that other moms can find it and enjoy it too!

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