The first time I told a stranger about “mama metal” they laughed SO hard at me. They thought it was a genre of music, or some sort of exotic band they hadn’t heard of. Ha! The truth is, mama metal is a term used when describing necklaces (usually made from high quality silver) that moms wear for their newborns and children when they’re nursing or babywearing. The necklaces usually jingle, and can be simple or pretty complex looking! See below for a few photos of my favorite mama metal pieces in my collection, and to read more about where to find babywearing and nursing jewelry if you want to try it out!

Babywearing and Nursing Jewelry

Mama metal really is such a remarkable concept! The jewelry is made for baby to fiddle with while you nurse, or to hold onto while babywearing. Norah found my mama metal charm at only one week old, and she still sometimes holds onto it (probably on accident) but as she grows, she will start to recognize it as something familiar to her. I also have a few pieces that jingle, and it’s fun because it’s soothing and will also become familiar and comforting to her!

I think another thing I love about mama metal is that it’s sentimental. The “Falling Leaves Silver” piece (pictured below) is one I wore when Gracie was younger and she would fiddle with it while I fed her. I now wear that same piece and the first time Norah grabbed hold of it, I just melted. It’s special because it is something I can wear or cherish as my tiny little babies get older, and remember how small their hands were grabbing onto the charms. I’m going to make myself tear up thinking of this, but truly it is super sentimental for me!


The pieces in these photos are handmade and by a super talented artisan in the bay area. Her shop, Lullaby Links, is one of my favorite places to find mama metal because her designs have such great meaning. (And they’re really good quality.) In most of these photos, I’m wearing the same chain, but I change the charm out pretty often. I have a few different ones, and since I have been wearing mama metal since Gracie was about a year old, I have several photos of me with her and my necklaces, and now a few with Norah too!

Where to Find Mama Metal

Here are a few Etsy shops that make mama metal:












If you’re wanting to try out mama metal, I’d love to chat more with you about it if you have any questions! You can comment below or email me 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!


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