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I’ve been getting lots of questions about where Norah sleeps during the day and where she sleeps at night! I’m here to answer those, and share one of my newest favorite baby products with you. Keep reading to see my Snuggle Me Organic review, grab a 25% off discount code, AND see how to enter a giveaway to win one of your own!

Snuggle Me Organic Review

Norah is a baby that loves to be held. She prefers to eat, sleep, and even poop in my arms. Ha! What baby doesn’t. Honestly, I wear her a ton, (as I’m sure you’ve seen on Instagram), and I love that, but sometimes, it’s nice to not have my body free of baby for at least a little bit. During this time, I lay her in her Snuggle Me co-sleeper. Why do I love the Snuggle Me Organic?

Where Does Norah Sleep During Nap and Bedtime?

So, for most naps (assuming she let’s me) and during the night, between feeds, I tuck her into her little Snuggle Me lounger. She is super content in this thing, you guys. I think that the design helps her feel cozy; it almost replicates my arms. I love that it’s safe for her. The middle is firm and unpadded, to replicate a stiff mattress. But the sides are cozy and keep her snug so that she can’t roll over.

I definitely love that this co-sleeper is made of organic materials. As many of you know, I am particular about what products I use on and around my kids. This product is free of harmful chemicals, flame retardants, and other pesticides that regular cotton might contain. Read more about the materials here.

The removable cover is probably my favorite part though! We’ve washed it a ton already, because… blowouts, haha! It really is a remarkable product though, and probably one I’ve used the most (aside from my baby carriers) since coming home from the hospital!


Do You Swaddle Her?

Several people have asked if I swaddle Norah during the night or naps, and to answer that question: I actually don’t swaddle her at all! I know that might seem odd, but she gets the same “swaddle” feeling from the Snuggle Me, and I find that she doesn’t wake up often from the startle reflex, so we just go without the swaddle.

Norah loves to sleep with her little arms up (see the photo below), near her face, or tucked near her chin. We only use blankets with the Snuggle Me during naps, and I’ll just kind of put it over her bottom half, and then tuck it under the Snuggle Me. It’s how she prefers to sleep, and I don’t complain because I get some pretty long sleep stretches out of her!

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