We’ve lived in our house for a few months now, and I figured it’s about time I share Gracie’s room. We wanted to be super simple with it. She does play a bit in here, but doesn’t yet sleep in this room. I did a TON of pink for her nursery when she was small, so I was ready to do something different. Loving how all of the neutrals work together for a girly, whimsical look.

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Grace’s gorgeous bed is made by Incy Interiors. We decided to do a twin sized bed right away, instead of a toddler bed that she’d have to transition out of again. She is SO tall, so it only seemed fitting. I like that she won’t outgrow it right away.

As far as aesthetic, I love how it has a vintage feel, and it’s the most perfectly girly rose gold tone. They have several other tones too. There are three settings for the bed height. Currently it’s on the lowest setting, and that works super well for her! If my girls ever share a room, I totally want to get the matching Incy Interiors crib!


Gracie’s rug is from eSaleRugs. eSaleRugs is an online shop that carries over 25,000 rugs in various and unique colors and designs! I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorite rugs. I had to choose between my favorite Persian, vintage, and natural rugs. I narrowed it down to some neutral colors, and ended up with this one! I love that it’s a neutral, so it fits well with her room colors. It’s a super low pile too, so perfect for potential messes!

Shop more rugs from eSaleRugs here!



Grace has had this wooden play kitchen since she was a year old. I used to keep it in our kitchen in our old house, but there was no room for it in our new kitchen. She enjoys playing with it with all of her kitchen items, and it seriously has kept her busy on and off for two years. If you’re looking for a good holiday or birthday gift, this is it!


You won’t believe where this hanging wall macrame is from! I got it for $15.99 on Amazon. It isn’t giant, but like I said, her room is fairly small, so I like how it adds some boho flair to the space.



We got this simple, little white chest for Grace because most of her clothes hang in the closet. Her room is fairly small, so it fits the space super well. Plus, it’s only a little over $135. I love IKEA too because they’re a sustainable, eco-friendly brand.


So, the high chair, wooden mod stroller, and Moses basket are all from The Land of Nod. It’s one of my favorite places to buy toys for Gracie since they aren’t super popular. Her friends come over and love seeing the unique toys in her room! The Land of Nod also sells furniture and room decor.


I hope you liked this post! Gracie’s room is simple, but we love it! Although she doesn’t sleep there, she does spend lots of time playing in it.

Thank you so much for reading!

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