This easy braided updo hairstyle is one of my go-to’s for third, fourth (and maybe fifth) day hair. It works best on unwashed hair, so keep that in mind! Once you get used to doing it, the hairstyle can be achieved in five minutes or LESS. Yup, it’s a pretty quick one, and I get all kinds of compliments on it.

Easy Braided Updo

I included a video with a voiceover where I explain it in detail, so watch that first. But if you need a slower, step-by-step explanation, I have listed the steps out with screenshots from the video too! Let me know what you think!

STEP 1: Start with a deep side part.

STEP 2: Grab a section of hair near your part at the front.

STEP 3: Divide your hair into three sections.

STEP 4: With your back hand, pull the strand of hair that’s in the front UNDERNEATH the middle strand.

STEP 5: Then with your front hand, pull the back strand of hair UNDERNEATH the middle strand.

STEP 6: Now incorporate outside hair into this same motion.

STEP 7: Continue pulling the strands back and forth UNDER the middle while incorporating hair from each side.

STEP 8: When you get to your ear, stop incorporating hair.

STEP 9: Just finish the braid off like a typical braid, and tie it off with an elastic.

STEP 10: Now pull apart your braid to make it look chunky.

STEP 11: To make the messy bun, tease your hair at the crown.

STEP 12: Then tie it up in a low bun with an elastic.

STEP 13: Pull some of the hair out to make it look bigger and fluffy. 

STEP 14: Pin it in place with some bobby pins.

STEP 15: Then take your braid and wrap it underneath your pin and around.

STEP 16: Pin the braid in place.

STEP 17: Pin down any other hair that’s sticking out.

STEP 18: Pull the hair at your crown down so that it looks smooth and uniform. 


I hope this easy braided updo tutorial was helpful to you! If you enjoyed it, please consider pinning either of the images below to help others find it and enjoy it too!

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