I think the last time I wrote about this pregnancy I was around 17 weeks, so I am definitely over due for a mini update! I am technically 35 weeks today, but I started drafting this post at 34 weeks. So we are going to stick with that! I’ve been super busy preparing, so keep reading to see how things are going so far and what I have left to do before welcoming baby number two!



Baby is apparently the size of a cantaloupe! (And possibly bigger, haha) Weighing in at around 5 pounds, she is super active and I feel her moving all day long! I am feeling super exhausted at this point, but trying hard to keep it together since I know I have at least another four to six weeks left.

I’ve been reading like a madman, trying to finish all of my pregnancy books on HypnoBirthing, mindfulness practice, and active birth. I just finished a five week HypnoBirthing course and it was absolutely wonderful. We did fear release practices, and lots of relaxation practice. I’ll write a post on my whole HypnoBirthing course experience soon, but it’s been so eye-opening in preparing myself mentally for birth this time around.


Emotionally, I am still okay — I used to think about Gracie becoming a big sister and get nervous. Now that I’ve been pregnant for awhile, she talks about this baby so much and has had so much time to process it all. I think she will do great.

As far as birth emotions, I’ve been okay with that too. Sometimes I’ll have little spurts of anxiety – I was in tears over brunch with a friend of mine, making her promise she would check in on my husband and Gracie if something ever happened to me…. so there’s that. Haha. I think I am okay for the most part. I’ve been practicing a lot of fear releasing exercises. It helps, I’d say.


Still on a huge bread kick, but now I’m definitely craving both spicy food and sweets. I am wanting savory, hot sauce on everything! And I’ve had way more sweets during this pregnancy than I’ve had the past two years. But I know once baby is here I’m going to need to get back on the bandwagon as far as eating healthy. I don’t indulge often, but when I do, it’s not good. Haha.

I do crave lots of healthy foods sometimes too. Cold salads, or warm and hearty veggie bowls are back into my meal rotation, so that’s a good thing, right?

I’ve gained around forty pounds so far, so we will see how much I end up gaining, as I have another five weeks left 😉


I’ve officially found my favorite maternity clothing items. This far in with baby #2, I’ve been sticking to my same favorite jeans, and my favorite tops. Ingrid & Isabel is my go-to maternity brand. Everything they make fits me well, and doesn’t make me feel like a whale. So that’s nice.


Thank you so much for reading my 34 week pregnancy update!

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