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Ah, finally! I am so delighted to share our neutral boho living room reveal! As you guys know, we moved into our new space a few months ago. Then it was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! Now that January is here, I’m feeling the fresh start vibes, and that meant sprucing up our living room space! I was honestly dying for a neutral set of couches to compliment our white walls and grayish brown floor. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find these gorgeous Dorel Living sofas!




Picking pieces for a new build was not easy. It was difficult to picture what the room would look like when it was literally just framing. It wasn’t until about a month before move-in that I could actually pick pieces for the space.

Mixing neutral tones. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a super talented interior designer gave me some really great advice as I was planning out our living room. I messaged her very worried colors clashing with our grayish brown toned floor, and her response was, “Put as many different neutral tones in there as you can!” So that’s what we did!

Texture is our best friend. Adding texture to our walls with macrames and pillows that feature embroidery was something I knew I wanted to do from the start of the design process. I love how the embroidered pillows compliment the smooth and shiny surface of our sofas. The varying shades of baskets, smooth, gold detailing and faux-marble tops of the end tables all compliment each other nicely as well.

Less is more. Clutter just isn’t my style. I knew I wanted minimal pieces in our living room, and these sofas are just the perfect size for the space. The bigger one fits perfectly between the two windows, and the smaller one helps create a closed off feel for our otherwise very open floor plan.


As you’ve probably noticed, we don’t have a ton of things on our end tables, and we definitely don’t have anything breakable or low to the ground. Part of being a parent, and in this wonderful stage of life, is keeping our living room space for little hands and feet!

The pieces we chose, both as statements and accents reflect our lifestyle. We don’t eat in our living space, however, the dining room is right next to our living room. More times than not a spaghetti sauce covered hand will make it’s way to the couch at some point. For this reason, we chose couches that will easily wipe clean.

The same thing goes for our end tables; we wanted to keep those functional without sacrificing looks. The brassy, gold detailing on the base ties in with the tan sofas, and the faux marble surface is SO easy to wipe clean. We also don’t have to worry about beverage or water rings on wood.

Lastly, you’ll notice that we don’t have a coffee table. We’ve had way too many head bumps on the corners of coffee tables, that we decided to omit one altogether. I do love how big and open the space feels without one, though. So it doesn’t bother me too much.


Dorel Living Sofas c/o | Dorel Living End Tables (love the matching coffee table!) c/o (use code 15LARISSA for 15% off your purchase)

RUGS USA rug c/o | IKEA planters, curtains, curtain rod, basket, and wall art | QVC faux fig leaf tree | At Home Textured Pillows | AFW tv stand | Magnolia nesting houses | Paint color: Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound white

Want to snag these gorgeous sofas and/or end tables?

You can right here, and for 15% off at checkout when you use my code 15LARISSA.

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