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With this baby coming in just a few short weeks, I’ve been hunkering down to plan for her arrival. Part of that is stocking up on the things we don’t have for her yet. It’s been almost three years since I’ve had a newborn so I keep trying to think back to all of our baby registry must-haves from when Grace was smaller. I rounded them up here, so keep reading to see more crunchy mom baby registry must-haves and which registry service I recommend to everyone!



As many of you know, I don’t really shop conventional brands. This is true for food, make-up, and most definitely baby items. When I registered for Grace, I was disappointed that I couldn’t add all of the items I wanted for her. Things like natural bath products, a baby book from Lucy Darling, or a Tula Baby Carrier (when they weren’t available at Target or Buy Buy Baby) didn’t go on my registry. I found myself stuck with brands and products I didn’t really want to use. That’s why when Babylist approached me wanting to work together, I was truly over the moon.

Here are a few reasons I love Babylist, and will recommend it to all moms from now on:

1. YOU CAN SUPPORT SMALL SHOPS. This is a game changer for me. There are several indie shops that I adore and buy from on a regular basis for Grace. Shopping small is also potentially supporting families who run businesses from home. By using Babylist, I like that I’m supporting their livelihood.

2. ADD NON-MONETARY ITEMS. This is huge! Do you have everything for baby, but still have people wanting to help out? Recruit them for postpartum help, meal delivery, babysitting and more! You can also have them donate to a potential 529 plan through the “cash funds” option.

3. ADD ANYTHING FROM ANY STORE. Not all stores will have an item you are looking for in stock, and that an be a hassle if you use their registry. By using Babylist, you can shop for the best items from each store, no problem.

4. IT’S SUPER EASY TO USE. You can add a button to the top bar of your browser, so literally anything you’re looking at, you can add to your registry. Think of how you save a pin on Pinterest! It’s exactly like that; super user-friendly.

5. REGISTRY PERK. The Hello Baby Box is a registry perk you could receive when using Babylist. It’s got cool product samples and up to $160 of product, including offers. The product are different each month, but the one I received had a coupon to Lucy Darling shop, which I love! I was able to order this new baby’s baby book with it!

These are products that I swear by, and that I got daily use out of as a new mom. For the record, things like proper baby carriers and zip swaddles were totally not on my radar. I hope this list is helpful to you when you register!


As a mom who loves and adores cloth diapering, cloth wipes are a close second. I use Water Wipes when I’m out and about, but love cloth wipes for use at home. They are soft on baby, and you’re also helping the environment by not throwing out tons of wipes each day.


I didn’t know that zip swaddles were a thing when I was registering with Grace, so I ended up registering for a ton of muslin blankets, which were nice too. However, the zip swaddles ensure safety while sleeping, and we used them up until Gracie was over a year old. I highly recommend them to any new parent.


Okay, who am I kidding. I have so many baby carriers. There are different types for different purposes, but that discussion is for another day. All you need to know is that wearing a newborn and infant will have wonderfully positive effects for both mom and baby! A baby carrier is my number one must-have baby item because it made my life as a mother so much easier and continues to do so.


Grace didn’t start eating solids until nine months old, but when she did start, we spent SO much time in her high chair. Three meals a day can get super exhausting to clean up after, so having a good high chair that is easy to wipe clean after each meal is essential.


I used a co-sleeper with Grace, and it was so nice to have it for when she napped around the house, or when she was in our bed. The Snuggle Me Organic is a safe way to sleep with baby close to you. You can also use it when transitioning to baby’s crib because it still feels enclosed in a super open space.


You guys, I registered for the worst baby soap because I couldn’t find a store that carried the brand I wanted. That’s why this registry service I’m using this time is amazing. (More on that below.) I love the California Baby products or Earth Mama Angel Baby for bath soap. I didn’t use lotion on Grace.


Baby books are such a great way to keep track of cute milestones, and track monthly development and progress. I absolutely loved recording new things about Grace each month. It’s so fun to look back on. I highly recommend the Lucy Darling baby books.


Cloth diapers are my third favorite thing about motherhood. (Breastfeeding is first, and babywearing is second.) If you ask any cloth mom, they’ll tell you they adore their cloth diapers. They help reduce rashes on baby’s skin, they’re great for the environment, and they are super cost effective.


I want to note that I breastfeed, and don’t use bottles, pacifiers or pump and bottle feed with my babies, so that stuff isn’t on my registry since I don’t have a use for them. Same goes for cloth diapering and co-sleeping. I include items on the registry that promote co-sleeping and I registered for cloth diapers and inserts, plus all the things you need to do that! Because of these specific family choices and circumstances, each registry will be a bit unique!

The nice thing is, if you know your plans for that already, you can take a lifestyle quiz that will help you create a personalized registry checklist through Babylist. I took the quiz just for fun, and it is pretty accurate!

I hope this post about baby registry must-haves was helpful to you if you’re a new or expecting mama. Creating a registry doesn’t have to be stressful. I couldn’t believe how much more enjoyable it was to create a registry using Babylist.

If you or someone you know is expecting, tell them about Babylist and all of the perks they could get by using it for their baby registry!


Thank you for reading!

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