Well, guys, it’s about time we announced the gender of this baby, right?! We’ve actually known for a solid TEN WEEKS, and have tried SO hard not to say a word. I may have told a few people via dm, or in my pregnancy group, hahaha. And if you follow me on Instagram, and watch my stories regularly, you know that I totally slipped up one day a few weeks ago and said the gender! Ahhh! I had received tons of messages after that, but I decided to keep quiet about it until we could officially announce! Basically, I was horrible at keeping this a secret, so I’m SO glad I can finally talk about it!


I will admit, my dream is and was to have two girls. I grew up with my sister (who is just under two years younger than me) and we are and were the best of friends. I love that we shared our childhood together, and now we get to share adulthood together too. Sisters are the absolute best <3

My husband and I aren’t sure what the future holds for us, but for now, this will be our last baby for awhile, so the thought of two girls is just… magical. My husband however, is a bit sad, ha! He really wanted a boy, but the more we talk about our girls, the more he warms up to the idea. Plus he’s pretty stoked that it’s less toys, clothes, shoes, etc. that we will have to buy for this baby.

Most of my baby stuff, like car seats are pretty gender neutral, but to be honest I have no idea where to start with boy clothes. How do you dress a child without an accessorized bow?! I’m kidding… A boy would be nice too. Maybe someday 😉 Either way, right now, I’m in absolute heaven you guys.

Matching sister outfits, here we come!  

I hope you enjoyed our simple, little gender reveal! Thank you so much for reading.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

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