Before having children, I had several trinkets and decor around the house. However, that all changed once I had Grace and she started walking. I’m sharing some top tips for picking furniture and how to decorate a kid-friendly living space in your home. It’s not as difficult as you think it may be!


Tip 1: Always choose colors that will hide a potential mess.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it can be difficult to style a whole room around darker colors. For this reason, we chose white paint in our entire house. (Messes on walls can be painted over.) This way we could go with darker flooring and grey-colored couches and chairs. Choosing darker colors makes it easier to keep furniture looking nice amidst toddler snacks, fingerprints, and other inevitable messes.

Tip 2: Minimal decor is best.

You’ll notice we don’t have a ton of stuff on the walls, and almost nothing on our tv stand. We truly are simple in our taste anyway, but it is easier to keep track of stuff when there is less of it! I like that our TV stand hides all of the cords and cables that little hands might want to grab onto.  I also just have one wall hanging for now. I might change that later, but I prefer the simple look.


Tip 3: Faux plants might live longer with little hands around.

I love my live plants, and I do have them in my bedroom (for better air quality) but I have faux plants in my living and dining areas because Gracie used to pull the leaves off of my live plants! She is a bit better now that she is older, and I’ve taught her how to be gentle, but with another little babe on the way, I decided to go with my faux fiddle leaf tree instead of the real thing. I’ll have lots of years for live plants down the road anyway, right? 😉

Tip 4: Choose furniture pieces that will work well for your family dynamic. 

We do a lot of sleepovers and movie nights in our living room. One of the best things about this couch is that it turns into a futon! You can see where we got it below, they have a great selection of couches, but I love that it has that flex option. We’ve already used it a few times for movie nights and snuggling up as a family is so nice!

Tip 5: Get creative with your storage space.

You probably can’t tell from the photos but we have two toy bins stored underneath the chaise lounge of our couch. You really can’t see them, but I love that this couch has space underneath for creative storage options. I also have a basket that’s identical to the one in the picture below that stores diapers and wipes in a “cute” way haha, if that even exists? Truly though, getting creative with storage is a must with little ones!


DHP furniture couch c/o | DHP furniture chairs c/o | QVC faux fiddle leaf tree | American Furniture Warehouse TV stand (we’re obsessed) | Wall Macrame (under $20) | Rugs USA rug (sold out but found the EXACT one here)


I hope this post about how to decorate a kid-friendly living space was helpful to you!

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