Not sure what to buy your toddler this year? I swear, all year, I think of good stuff to buy mine, and then when it comes to actually getting presents I freeze up and forget what was on my list! I’m finally sharing some of the items we got for her, and a holiday gift guide for toddlers. Can you believe I’m DONE with my holiday shopping?


All of these items are great for children who want to stay busy. I know Grace is definitely into several different types of activities. She’s two and a half, and loves reading, but also adores creating artwork! She is also VERY busy some days and prefers to build with her blocks, get outside and be active, and play pretend tea party. She keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure.

I bought Grace everything on this list either this year or last year, and they’ve proven to be great purchases that last. Nothing irks me more than spending a ton on Christmas presents, then watching them never get used. Lastly, as a teacher, I like that these activities and gift ideas appeal to several intelligences 😉


Wooden building blocks

Art easel or paper roller

Balance bike

Wooden car service station

Heads and Tails puzzles


Retro play kitchen

Recycled plastic baking set

Bookroo book subscription set

Non-toxic paint

How far are you on your holiday shopping?

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