I’m definitely a goal-setter, but not really a resolution follower. That’s why I’m going to use the word “intentions” to describe my goals and aspirations for the new year. I intend to do all of these things, but don’t want to get frustrated or feel negatively about them if I don’t accomplish everything. The most we can do is try, right? Here are 18 intentions for 2018.

18 Intentions for 2018

I plan to check in on myself halfway through the year, and then see how I’m doing, and again before 2019 arrives (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right?) Haha.

Pay attention to the breath.

I’ve been reading a lot about mindful living (I am preparing for a natural birth) and a lot of what I read has to do with breathing. I don’t mean involuntary breathing, but breathing that you really think about and focus on. When I take deep breaths and focus on my breathing, I feel so much more relaxed and calm. I want to do this all the time.

Be slow to anger.

I get angry pretty quickly. Both my husband and I do. We are working on being more patient with each other and situations when anger arises quickly, so this is a goal for both of us.

Be present. Notice little things.

When Grace was little and we had slower paced days I used to notice beautiful flowers or how the wind would shake the trees. I feel like life is so busy and I haven’t been as mindful of the beautiful, little things about living life. I want to be better at this.

Help someone in need.

I want to make it a point to help someone who needs me. Whether that’s financially, emotionally. I feel best about life when I’m serving others, and even though the busy-ness of everyday life seems to consume my time, I don’t want to be too busy to help someone.

Exercise more.

This is for after this baby comes in March. I really want to work hard at exercising. Not to get skinny, but for my own well-being. I feel better when I work out.

Eat real food.

Eating real food was an intention of mine last year and the year before, but I want to continue this lifestyle change I’ve implemented. It’s been a really positive shift for me and for my family.

Take time for me.

I struggled with this a lot this year. I don’t usually take time for me. I always envision myself getting up early to read, or staying up late to take a bath. I don’t usually do those things though. I am always making excuses or worried about chores that need to be done. It finally caught up with me though, and I’m desperate for some time to reset.

Read ten books.

Since starting my VBAC journey and research, I’ve read three books (in a span of like 2 weeks) and it’s felt so good to read again. I have a long list of books I want to read, so hopefully I can make a dent in that in 2018.

Care less about what others think or say.

I am doing better at not caring about what others think, but sometimes I do still let it get to me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after living somewhat in the public eye, and from begin a mother, it’s that you cannot please everyone. I don’t intend to try this year.

Meditate daily.

Another thing I’ve started learning to do is meditate. In addition to taking time for myself, I really want to meditate to feel more relaxed and centered. Are you noticing a common theme yet?

Take a trip.

We went to the Pacific Northwest this past year and it was glorious. Traveling with Gracie wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but I still want to see places in 2018. even if they’re close by.

Take time for my marriage.

In addition to neglecting time for myself, I find it easy to neglect date nights and other important bonding time with J. I want to be better and more intentional about our time together.

Eat less sugar.

Pregnancy for me = eating tons of sugar. Sure, it isn’t all bad sugar, and it’s almost never refined, but it’s still more than I’d like to consume. I’m going to try and eat less sugar this year.

Live mindfully.

I say this with the intention of not using plastic bags unless I absolutely have to, or recycling even when it’s more difficult. I did well with this in the beginning of last year, but kind of let it drift to the wayside. I want to be more intentional about using plastic and other resources that aren’t recyclable.

Cultivate relationships.

I value my relationships. Especially friendships. To me, friends have always been family. It’s important to me to continue to cultivate those relationships. When life is busy, I neglect text messages and phone calls, and I don’t want to continue to do that.

Step outside my comfort zone.

I don’t really go out with friends at night because I don’t want to leave Grace. I don’t go on trips or pretty much do anything because I don’t want to leave Grace. I also worry 24/7 that something bad will happen while I’m gone if I leave her. It makes me extremely uncomfortable, but I feel like it’s something I need to get better at. Especially if I’m going to work on the things I mentioned above.

Spend less.

This is a tough one, but I do want to spend less. I want to be more mindful of what I pick up at Target, and ask myself, do I really need this? Less stuff = a happier life. I’ve learned this the hard way, haha.

Pray more, and worry less.

Like I mentioned, I’m a worrier. Something I learned in my MOPS group this past semester is that worrying should turn to action by praying. So instead of worrying, “what if this happens” etc, I should pray for safety, or thank God that nothing has happened thus far. I just want to be better at praying for the things I worry about rather than spending all my time worrying.

I hope you enjoyed this post of my 18 intentions for 2018.

What’s one intention you have for the new year?

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