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As an aficionado of baby products, I’ve learned over the last three years which are my favorite and which are not necessarily a top pick. If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m a huge Baby Jogger fan. I’ve tried out three of their strollers now, and honestly, I recommend them to all of my newly expecting or mama friends who are in need of new baby gear. Keep reading to see my thoughts as a pregnant mama on the Baby Jogger City Premier stroller. I’m highlighting key features and some of my favorite stroller accessories!


The City Premier stroller is so convenient for a pregnant mom. I used to carry Grace either in a sling or on my hip but now that I’m twenty weeks pregnant, it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Pushing her around is so much more convenient and easier on my body! That’s just one of the reasons I’m thankful for my City Premier stroller. Here’s a few more reasons why I love it.

It has five different riding options.

I love that I can have Grace face me when she needs that eye contact and closeness. Plus there are lots of additional accessories like the pram for newborns, or the CityGo carseat for infants! I love the glider board for older kids. Grace will love that in a couple of years.

It’s SUPER easy to fold.

I have the husband seal of approval on this one. We used the City Premier at the park the other day and he said, “wow, that was really easy to fold up” and I was pretty proud! Haha. Anytime a husband notices a feature you know it’s a winner, right? Truly though, this is so nice for me and my pregnant belly because bending over to use both hands to fold a stroller can be rough, and will only get worse as my belly gets bigger.

The seat has multiple reclining options.

The reclining seat is great for when your toddler is too worn out to make it home for nap time or just wants to sit back and relax if they’re a bit stimulated from the zoo, park, or Disneyland trip.

It has all-terrain wheels.

The ride is super smooth for your little one even on rocky terrain. We take this stroller on very flat hiking paths in the desert and the big wheels are great for shock absorption, yet they’re super light! 

There are lots of accessory options you can add on.

We are huge fans of the Baby Jogger stroller accessories. We have the car seat adapters for the CityGo car seat (for baby 2), the parent console, and the snack tray (Grace’s favorite.)

I hope this post was helpful to you! If you are considering purchasing a Baby Jogger product and want advice or just to talk through features, let me know! You can email me or dm me on Instagram.

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