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For all of you lucky mamas who get to have fall babes, I’m pretty jealous! Both of my babies will be spring and summer newborns! While having babies in the Spring does have it’s own perks, I can’t get over a good fall outfit. If you’re expecting your first, second (or third) little one, sometimes it’s always good to have a refresher on what to stock up on. I’m sharing my top tips as a second time mom for building a fall wardrobe for your newborn. Keep reading to see what you’ll need!


The most important thing to remember is to start with the basics. Remember that new babies go through tons of clothing, so you’ll want to have a good amount of bodysuits (both long and short sleeve) to layer and just wear when you’re in the warmth of your house! Another tip I have is to buy pieces you can reuse often, so this little jacket can be layered with several body suits, and the pants that come with the outfit can also be used wit several different bodysuits!


  • 12 bodysuitsI love the woodland theme bodysuits from the Spencer by Jaclyn Smith infant’s line. They come in a box of three!
  • 12 sleepers: The nice thing about sleepers is that they’re pajamas, but since you have a newborn, you can totally wear them as little outfits too! Babies get away with so much.
  • 6 receiving blankets: Receiving blankets double as nursing covers, burp cloths, and obviously are used for warmth and swaddling. They’re great to have on hand.
  • 4-6 outfits: These are the outfits you’ll have your little one wear if they’re going with their big brother or sister on a playdate, heading to church, or going somewhere a bit more fancy. This little leggings and sweatshirt combo outfit is at the top of my wish list for baby number two! I love that it’s gender neutral.
  • 4-6 warm weather items: I’m pretty in love with this outfit. I mean, how can you stand a newborn in an adorable knit sweater? Really though, it’s important, especially if you live in cooler temps to keep baby warm and layered.
  • 12-16 pairs of newborn socks
  • 4-5 pairs of mittens (to keep baby from scratching their face)
  • 2-4 hats to keep their little head warm

If I’m being honest, the whole Spencer by Jaclyn Smith baby clothing line is just adorable. I’m a sucker for woodland themes, fox prints, and gorgeous florals. Plus, if the colors are gorgeous and neutral? Even better. Be sure to check out the line, as it just launched at Kmart!

Still have questions? Email me, or leave a comment below, and we can chat newborn stuff all day long!


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