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I’m the type of woman who likes to carry a bag based on occasion. Where I’m going dictates how much I need to carry or bring with me on any given day. I’m spilling all the secrets on how to choose three staple bags for your closet that you’ll get tons of use out of. This way you don’t have to keep buying bag after bag. Keep reading to find out more!


The crossbody bag: The Tahoe crossbody from The Sak is adorable, and such a perfect staple. It comes in three colors, but I opted for the black for versatility. If I’m going to a concert or a sporting event, I like to wear a small bag that needs to hold only my keys, wallet, and phone. I also know that it will be super crowded, so having the bag on my body is also extra security. The crossbody is usually my number one pick if I’m out sans kiddos. Woven or crochet bags are great in this case too because they flow with your body and are pretty moldable.

The backpack: If I’m going to Disneyland or somewhere with kiddos where I have to be out all day, I carry a backpack. If you’re a mom, you know that with kids, you usually have to carry a change of clothes, snacks, water bottles, and a plethora of other day trip items. It’s easiest to tote all of that on your back! I really like the Tahoe backpack from The Sak because it looks so nice and doesn’t have that “I’m off to school” look even though it is a backpack.

The tote or the shoulder bag: This one is pretty flexible depending on the type of woman you are. Do you prefer to use a tote where you just throw everything inside? Or do you prefer a hobo bag that’s smaller? I’m a tote kind of girl. I use a tote when I’m going to the mall, or somewhere that’s a bit more formal than a concert or baseball game. It can be very versatile if your lifestyle is a bit more fancy! Mine is pretty “crossbody-esque” though, which is why I like the crossbody bag most of the time. If you are looking for a new tote, I really like Kendra Work Tote from The Sak. It comes in three different covers, and is a great size for a shoulder bag.


I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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