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We’ve been traveling a bit more than we usually do lately. It’s been so nice, but there’s nothing like sleeping in my own bed. This is why day trips have become super handy for us! There are so many beautiful (and cooler) places to visit and they’re just a few hours away from us! As you know, Grace is full-on walking toddler these days, but day trips can be exhausting for little ones, so I’m thankful that we bring our Baby Jogger City Select LUX stroller.


Not only is it nice for Grace to rest her legs, and have a snack in the stroller. It’s also wonderful to have somewhere to put my diaper bag and all of her snacks and toys we bring for our outings. The City Select LUX has a giant storage area beneath the seat, so I basically fit my whole life under there. The wheels are also super big, which I like for bumpy urban streets like the ones we’re walking on in the photos!

Our day trip in these pictures was to our favorite urban breakfast spot! The cafe was featured on the TV show, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” and the food is wonderful. But the best part is the coffee of course! There’s also a really cute park just down the street that Grace loves to visit! This time of year is perfect for outdoor play in our city. Are you looking for the Best Places to Stroll in your city? Check out the official Best Places to Stroll Guide curated by Baby Jogger parents! You’ll love all the fun destinations for your day trips!

Did you know that the City Select LUX has over twenty configurations?! See the diagram below. That’s so many ways to use one stroller. If you saw my announcement in my last post you know that this stroller is pretty much a Godsend, because I’ll be using it for my two kiddos! I can’t wait to add a baby pram, a car seat, and eventually a second seat into my rotation for this stroller.


So the extra room underneath is nice to store things, and the multiple configurations are so nice! But there are little details that I love about this stroller. I’ve had other double strollers, and this one is much more lightweight. Throwing it in the trunk isn’t a huge deal for me, and it’s easier to fold and unfold so no wrestling with a beast each time you use your stroller!

One of my favorite features though, is the hand-operated decelerating and parking break. I’m not a huge fan of the ones on the bottom (it’s for vain reasons, as I don’t like to scuff my shoes) but honestly, it’s just easier to have it right where your hands already are. You know? I feel much more comfortable having the break within arms reach.

Lastly, (this is big, you guys) you can fold the stroller up with the seats still attached! This is huge for me, as I loathe having to take the seat off of the frame and then fold up the frame first. I did this with my first ever stroller (it wasn’t a Baby Jogger) and I was so bummed each time I used it. Can I just say how happy I am that Baby Jogger knows these scenarios that parents go through, and they actively work to troubleshoot them?



So, if you’re on the fence about which double stroller to get, I feel like the answer is now clear! If you have any other questions about the City Select LUX, or are still struggling with choosing a double stroller, feel free to email me or comment below and we can chat about it! I’ve already dm’ed on Instagram with a few mamas after I posted my folding and unfolding Instagram story series about a month ago.

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