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Families all around the world are taking trips this summer. Maybe you’ve got some day trips planned or maybe even a vacation or two! If that’s you then you are definitely going to want to read this post so I can share my best travel stroller find. The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller is not only compact and convenient; it’s super durable for travel. Keep reading to learn more, see a mini review and more photos of the stroller!


Why the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller is the Best Travel Stroller

My husband and I have several trips planned in the coming months. For some we’ll be walking around airports and new cities. For others we’ll be walking around aquariums or theme parks. I decided it was time to hunt for the best, most versatile travel stroller out there. My friend actually has a City Tour stroller and when I saw hers, I thought that I’d start there. I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is for being so compact! Here are a few reasons the Baby Jogger City Tour is my top travel pick.

It folds up really small.

 The stroller only requires one hand to fold it up, which is glorious. When folded the Baby Jogger City Tour is roughly 17×22 inches. That’s so compact and convenient! It folds once over from the top, and then in half again, which is a huge deal if we’re comparing to other small strollers I’ve used.

It only weights 14 pounds.

Let’s just put it this way. My child weighs 30 pounds, ha! So, this stroller is less than half the weight of my baby. Plus it has a super convenient carry setting (read more below).

It comes with a travel bag.

We have another stroller from a different brand and not only is it giant, awkward to fold, and clunky. I would have had to BUY a travel bag for it for $100!

You can carry the stroller ON YOUR BACK!

Yup. Said travel bag has backpack straps. So when we aren’t using it, we can fold it up nice and small, throw it in the travel bag and wear it on our back (ahem, husband can wear it on his back 😉 ) and you’re hands-free!

It meets the carry-on requirements of most planes.

Raise your hand if you’ve been that mom who has to check her stroller at the gate hoping and praying it will make it’s way to your destination? Yes, I’ve been there. But with the City Tour you don’t have to worry about that since it meets those carry-on requirements.

A few other perks: the extra large canopy with UV 50+ protection is ideal for long days out on the town (think walking around an unshaded theme park all day!) I also love that the seat reclines almost flat for naps on the go.

A Few Words About Baby Jogger as a Company

I’m thankful that I have this site as a platform to share my favorite brands, products, and tips with my fellow moms and caregivers. So, I want to quickly share why I adore Baby Jogger as a brand and company. Often times, you see big brands being run by people who have yet to have children and maybe don’t really understand what a caregiver may need from a baby product. Not Baby Jogger. This company was created by parents, for parents.

Their roots began by designing jogging strollers (hence the name!) but the company quickly realized that there are several types of families and lifestyles. Each parent may need something different depending on how many children they have, whether they travel often, or whether they are active. Baby Jogger saw that we (as parents) needed several types of products. This is why they now have a stroller for each type of lifestyle, for every parent. I love a good success story. Even more so when it’s a company that is adaptable to their consumer’s needs. Have you ever tried out a Baby Jogger product?



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I hope this review of the Baby Jogger City Tour stroller was helpful to you! You can shop it in several colors below!



Do you have any family vacations or day trips planned? Where are you going?

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  1. How cute are you two??! This stroller sounds pretty handy! I love the idea of being able to fold it up! Definitely going to remember this for the future!

  2. You are always just too cute!!!! I kept thinking when I was traveling last weekend that all the strollers in the airport looked like the biggest burden to lug around… this looks amazing! Can’t believe it’s only 14 pounds!



  3. This stroller looks awesome! I love that it can fold up super small, sometimes that’s a deal breaker!!

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