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I was a 90’s kid – I grew up in the age of convenience and never considered using a reusable water bottle. You grabbed your plastic bottle of water and went about your day. Then when you needed a refill, you’d dispose of that one and grab another bottle. For people who keep hydrated, that can literally be up to 6-8 plastic bottles a day!

My grandparents would reuse the plastic bottles sometimes. They’d refill them and store in the fridge for round two, and while I admire that upcycling effort, it gave me major anxiety. I used to have nightmares about it and begged them to stop because I read an article when I was 8 or 9 about the dangers of BPA and reusing plastic water bottles. I guess you could say I’ve always been somewhat health and environmentally conscious. I use love using my new Simple Modern water bottles for several reasons. Keep reading to see why you need to add one to your daily routine!


Your water/beverage will stay cooler/hotter longer.

The Simple Modern tumblers and bottles keep beverages hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours. I bring my water bottle everywhere with us when we are out and about, so keeping it cold is essential in this summer heat! 24 hours is a really long time! I love filling my bottle up with ice and water and feeling confident that it will stay cold and refreshing for us until we come home in the evening.

It’s better for the environment.

There’s no argument about this one. Not contributing to toxic waste and reducing the amount of plastic we produce is helpful for our future and our children’s future. Plus, there are so many places in our lives that we can’t control (getting takeout, etc.) when it comes to plastic packaging, This is why I feel the need to reduce plastic bottle waste, because it’s small change I can make; something I can control. We just buy reverse osmosis water buy the gallons and refill our tumblers that way! It tastes better too.

They are super stylish.

The Simple Modern bottles come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes! I’m pretty into my pink bottle, but love the bronzed brown that I use for G. I choose my bottle depending on my mood 😉 The Summit bottle even comes with two lids, which is super convenient. The quality is also exceptional, which is important if it’s something you’ll use daily.

Your children learn what they live.

Remember that article I mentioned I read as an adolescent that freaked me out? I had to convince my family not to reuse their plastic bottles because I knew it was bad for them. How much less anxious would I have felt if I didn’t have to be the one to talk with them about it? Instead, it would have been nice to have them lead by example and show me that reusing water bottles is good for the planet and prevents our bodies from being exposed to harmful chemicals.

I hope you’ll consider ditching the plastic and grab yourself a reusable bottle! Want to buy your own Simple Modern reusable tumbler or water bottle? Use this promo code 15% off: 




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  1. we’re all about reusable water bottles in the house! i always feel guilty when I have to buy a water bottle and i’m littering the earth more and more LOL
    also — i love decorating my water bottle with decals!

  2. Totally agree – reusable water bottles are the way to go! You look AMAZING in those overalls btw!

    xx Mollie

  3. I forget that not everyone doesn’t use a reusable water bottle so I’m a bit aghast when I see someone not using haha! I love that your little mini loves hers, too!

    xo, Sara

  4. I love these bottles!!! Reusable bottles are just so much better for the environment! Love your pictures!!

  5. YES! I am all about drinking water out of reusable bottles! So much better than throwing away a bunch of plastic ones everyday.

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