Lifestyle blogger Larissa of Living in Color blog shares five reasons to switch to non-toxic make-up if you have kids. Read more now.

I know that switching to non-toxic make-up can seem daunting, but I’m going to tell you the God-honest truth. I didn’t think twice about what I put on my face or in/on my body until I got pregnant. That all changed though, when I found out I was growing a tiny human and had to sustain and take care of it with my own body (even after birth).

So, I did my due diligence and researched ingredient upon ingredient, and I tried to find several non-toxic make-up brands to switch too but quickly felt overwhelmed in my search. I’m here to break it down for you though. The most important thing to do is understand why you should switch, then we can get into all of the fun stuff, like new make-up brands. I’ll be sure to list a few of my favorites below, (I plan to do full-blown review posts on specific brands) but today I really just want to chat about why you may want to consider going non-toxic with your make-up bag. Keep reading for more!

Lifestyle blogger Larissa of Living in Color blog shares five reasons to switch to non-toxic make-up if you have kids. Read more now.


You kiss your kids on the lips. 

Every time my daughter asks to kiss me I cringe, worried that she will get some of my lipstick on her mouth and eat it — then I realize that I’m wearing make-up that’s free of toxic chemicals and I breathe a bit easier after that. You see, several lipstick brands that I wore in the past (MAC, Maybelline, Revlon) contain immunotoxins, and endocrine disruptors. You can read more about that here on the Environmental Working Group’s site.

You absorb the make-up you wear — if you’re pregnant or nursing, this is especially important.

“The law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have FDA approval before they go on the market” (source) OH. OKAY. Haha, that’s straight from the FDA’s website. I read somewhere that each woman absorbs like 500 pounds of make-up a year. That’s A LOT. If you’re pregnant or nursing and you are absorbing the make-up into your skin, guess who else gets some of those toxic chemicals? Your kiddo. It’s pretty frightening. Especially since these products aren’t regulated at all.

You share drinks with your kids.

This is the same idea that I had with kissing your children. When Grace drinks after me there is always lipstick on my straw. I can rest easy knowing that the products she is essentially “eating” when she drinks from my straw is safe for her little body.

Your children will use products they grow up watching you use.

This is a big one. I used to use the products my grandma used (and still uses) up until I learned more about the ingredients. I was a huge Dermalogica fan. Giant. Not only is that stuff expensive, but it contains so many harmful chemicals. I used it for years and years because it’s all I knew; I remembered my family using it so I never questioned it’s integrity. I want Grace to grow up and feel confident in the products she saw me use on my face and body.

Most natural beauty brands do not test on animals.

Believe it or not, if a product is sold in China, it’s tested on animals. Brands like MAC and other big names are sold in China and will claim not to test on animals but they have a nice, little disclaimer hidden in their wording that states that they won’t test on animals unless the regulations require them to. (Tricky, eh?)

Lifestyle blogger Larissa of Living in Color blog shares five reasons to switch to non-toxic make-up if you have kids. Read more now.

Some of My Favorite Non-Toxic Brands:

[click on the name of the brand to shop their products]


Jane Iredale

Mineral Fusion

Juice Beauty

RMS Beauty

Dr. Hauschka


I think what this all comes down to is that beauty products are not regulated. You have to be an advocate for your health, your body, and your children, and it’s a long, windy road to replace the products you’ve been using for so long. However, it can be done! I’m a testament to this. You can be too 🙂

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Lifestyle blogger Larissa of Living in Color blog shares five reasons to switch to non-toxic make-up if you have kids. Read more now.

Thank you so much for reading! Are you going to make the switch to non-toxic makeup? Be sure to check out our other beauty posts before you go.

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  1. This was such a good article! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I had to overhaul everything when I got pregnant – changed makeup and skincare. Like you said though it’s so important to protect our little ones in whatever way we can!

    I am back to wearing nailpolish now although I am still breastfeeding. I stopped it in pregnancy even though I had pregnancy safe polishes as I didn’t want to use more products than I had to. It’s been fun getting back into it again! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week! I just published my first eBook so I’m having a pretty good week! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I made the switch to a local non toxic makeup line 7 months ago and I’ve noticed such a change to my skin. It’s improved so much!

  3. Great Post thanks for sharing! My little likes to play pretend and use my brushes on her own face. It dawned on me then that I really needed to make the switch! I think more people need to!

  4. I’ve been trying to switch up all my makeup product by product since this mama is on a budget but thanks for the reminder that it is important to do!

  5. My comment to this is “I know, right?!” I also love checking the EWG’s list of better for you products! Thx for sharing some of your faves!

  6. This was so insightful, Larissa! I have definitely considered making the switch and I love that there are more and more non-toxic brands coming out.
    PS – This lip color looks amazing on you!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  7. Such a great, insightful post! I’ve never really thought about makeup and kids, but it’s definitely something I will remember forever now! I will definitely be making the switch when I have kids!

  8. This is a great post! It is crazy all of the chemicals and toxins that are in our makeup and skincare products!

  9. Great post girl! I stopped using toxic makeup a few years ago and am so glad I did! xo

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