When we put together Grace’s Easter baskets each year we don’t include┬ácandy. Partly because she is too young to be exposed to that much sugar, and also because she’s vegan and doesn’t eat much candy in the first place. When finding items for her basket, we try to be as non-toxic, non-chemical, and safe as we can when it comes to the products we purchase. It is something that takes a conscious effort, however, and definitely always a work in progress. Keep reading to find out what products I plan to include in Grace’s Easter basket this year!

Green Toys Watering Can Set

Love this brand and how their products are made in the USA, and the materials are all recycled plastic.

Eco-friendly Plastic Eggs

These eggs are perfect for Easter egg hunting. They are WAY larger than the average department store eggs. They’re made from non-toxic, plant-based plastic and fully compostable after use!

Board books

Books > candy. Any day. Grace, my little bookworm, would agree.

Eco-friendly Egg Coloring Kit

Natural Egg Dye Packet

We are vegan; therefore, we don’t dye eggs. However, I don’t live in a fantasy world where I think everyone around me is vegan too. ­čśë If you’re going to dye eggs, be sure to use this fruits, herbs, and veggies based dye. It’s completely safe for kiddos to touch, eat, etc.

Organic Cotton Lovey

Love these super soft, organic, dye-free animals perfect for any kiddo on Easter. There are tons of different types of animals too, so whether you have a monkey-lover or puppy-lover there is something for everyone!

Skylar Luna Organic Cotton PJ’s

Hopefully these tips and products are helpful to you when putting together your kid’s Easter baskets!

Thank you so much for reading!

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