I know how you’re feeling. It’s the end of Winter, and it’s time to shop for a swimsuit. It’s a love, hate situation, really. You’re excited for Summer; Winter is done, but you have to go stand in front of a mirror and try on until your head spins. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had a guide to help you pick out the type of swimwear you try? Keep reading to learn how to choose a swimsuit for your body type.

Choose a swimsuit for your body type. Whether you're long and lean, pear-shaped, busy, or petite, this guide will make choosing swimwear a cinch.


I’ve literally always struggled with finding a swimsuit. I’m not the thinnest chick on the block, but I’m also not curvy. Like. Zero curves here. That is tough because most of the ladies who model the swimwear are either extremely curvaceous or thin as a stick… neither of which I can relate to. The easiest way to find swimsuits to try on is narrow it down by style and type.  See my tips for finding the perfect swimsuit for Summer below.


I have friends who are super shorter and on the tinier side (you lucky ladies you) and something I’ve found that works well for them is choosing suits that accentuate the smaller features. Suits with ruffles on top are bottom are helpful, and also swimsuits that are high-waisted to help any curves that are there pop. I also feel like petite women can fit into one-piece suits way better than those who are long and lean. As a woman who is on the taller side, I feel like it’s super hard to find something to fit my long torso, so if you are petite, take advantage!

shop petite swimsuits:


I am not fortunate enough to have much blessing in this department either (LOL) but I do have lots of friends who are, so here are their tips! Busty women have to be weary of swimsuit tops that aren’t super adjustable. Therefore, swimsuits with ties and even the wrap option below (love that suit!) are best. Halter tops are also great because they have several adjustments. Triangle suits aren’t always the best for coverage, but do work for some women! Lastly, a one-piece with underwire offers tons of support, so don’t dismiss those ones either 😉

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This is the nice way of saying…’long and lean” right? I legit have no hourglass figure whatsoever, haha. Like my hips are non-existent. So there’s the picture I’ve painted for you. Here’s how to find a swimsuit for this type of figure. The best thing I do is try to wear high-waisted bottoms with ruffles at the hip. This makes it look like I have some sort of curve, and it really does create that illusion. For the top, ruffles help if you aren’t super busy, and also something that looks good with the ruffles, so likely more form-fitting! But anyway, for long and lean, ruffles are key!

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I honestly feel like pear-shaped bodies are the easiest to shop for! One piece’s are a no-brainer, and you don’t have to mess with different sizes. High-waist bottoms are also great for this because they accentuate curves that are already there! As far as tops, you are pretty much able to do anything. Adjustable ones are great for any body type. Ruffles are also helpful for hiding unwanted areas. I know after I had Grace (she was a Spring baby so I was 1 month postpartum when Summer hit) I felt like I wanted to hide my belly. I wore one-piece suits with ruffles and even had a skort bottom. It’s whatever works for you, right?

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I hope this post was helpful to you! Let me know if you have additional tips or questions! I’d love to update and include them in my post 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to check out more style posts before you go.


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  1. Such a cute post! This reminds me of People StyleWatch where they show you different things for different body types. Love it!

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