I’ve had quite a few questions over the last eighteen months as to which products I felt were absolutely necessary for new moms. However, I’ll start with this disclaimer: every mom is different. Some parents wear their babies, and others choose not to. Some moms bottle feed and don’t breastfeed, and that’s okay too. So before you get worried, know that parenting looks different for every family. I love and appreciate you for being a parent and this is a judgment-free zone where I simply share my experiences! Here are products I used every day as a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, documenting-crazed, germaphobe.


This is number one on my list, and if you’ve followed my blog for any given amount of time you’ll know that I wear my baby/toddler daily. My baby carriers saved my life. Read more about how babywearing affects my experience with motherhood here.


For the germaphobes out there…(myself included) this one’s for you. I cannot stand the filth and grime of high chairs. I refuse to use a high chair without some sort of barrier because food and slobber germs are the worst kind of germs. I used to wait tables… I know how often high chairs get wiped down (insert grossed-out face here). This Summer Infant one is pretty cute though, and it is super cushy!


My carseat covers always served as a sunshade, but also a blanket, and a burp cloth! I even used mine as a playmat at a friend’s house once when Grace was super tiny. These things have so many uses and are a must-have for the carseat. I love these Muslin ones from Summer Infant.


Fawn Design has had my heart for quite sometime. I’ve gone through four different diaper bags in 20 months, and finally settled on this functional, simple, and super cute diaper bag. I love how it has several pockets, and you can carry it three different ways. I wear Grace often, so the back pack option is so valuable.


I’m an organization freak – well at least I used to be. Some of that has changed since becoming a mom and I have to let it go. It’s okay to have a messy house sometimes and it’s okay to pick up the same blocks three times in the same day, haha. Such is life. But anyway, the worst thing is when you have bows, diapers, snacks, shoes, blankets, and toys strewn about your car. This car organizer saved my sanity; therefore, it makes the list!


This mom tool is literally the most versatile item and only takes up a tiny bit of room in your diaper bag. I love how this product serves as a carseat cover, a cart cover, a high chair cover, a nursing cover, and even a scarf! I’ve also used it as a burp cloth or to clean up spills in the car. It’s so functional. Citi Babies has the most adorable and stylish prints too!



Lucy Darling Shop is my go-to place for baby books. I love how detailed her books are and they have so much character. I didn’t feel like I needed to be super creative because the books are perfectly decorated and I was just able to add the information and photos in. With mom brain strong the first year, I needed all the help I could get 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

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