Thank you to Pinhole Press for sponsoring and inspiring today’s post.

I am stoked about sharing these Pinhole Press holiday cards with you featuring our holiday family photos by the lovely Ashley Haxby Photography! I really wanted a non-traditional theme for our pictures since last year we just went with red. I decided I’d share my tips for a non-traditional holiday shoot with you in case you want to try it out this year, or even next year! Click here to read a similar blog post on tips for surviving family photos!
The holiday cards we chose from Pinhole Press are amazing. They’re from their Premium Ultrathick Holiday Card Collection and let me tell you – they’re thick! I love how sturdy they are! Plus the cute pinstripes on the sides are darling! My favorite thing about this specific holiday card though is the gallery aspect. I couldn’t pick a favorite photo, so I didn’t have to! I got to feature three.

Don’t wear Christmas colors.
As you can see we went with neutrals this year, which I love! A few reasons I like the non-traditional look is that I display our family photos around our house, so since we styled neutral colors these don’t really look like “Christmas” pictures, but instead just some cute photos of us on any given day, haha. Some of my favorite color schemes are: beige and blush pink, denim blue and beige, ivory and plum, and even black looks great in photos! 
Try to find a non-wintery/holiday location.
I say this for those that have options, since I know not every part of the country has places like a dessert to shoot in, however I love studio shoots for families! Those are always gorgeous and pretty non-traditional looking. The train station or even a theme park are pretty creative too. I will always cherish our photos in the tree farm but sometimes it’s fun to think outside of the box. After all, most of us take family photos at least once every few years. You have time to experiment!
Don’t be super “pose-y”.
I may have just made up a word, but lifestyle photography is very popular now! Playing with your kids, or twirling around with your husband is totally acceptable in family photos now! Try to have fun with it and let your photographer capture the true essence of your family! I love pictures where the kids are making silly faces and the parents are just looking at each other.

 *Photos thanks to Ashley Haxby Photography
Let me know if these tips were helpful to you!
xo. L

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