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The best gifts are ones that you put lots of thought into! I am delighted to partner with Pinhole Press to bring you a holiday gift guide featuring personalized gifts for the whole family! You may remember the post I did earlier this year with several framed prints from Pinhole Press! I created a whole gallery wall of photos, you can see the post here. I hope you enjoy this gift guide!


In the video I mention several products. Here are some of my favorites below. Seriously, these make the best gifts for your aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, and siblings!
The Brag Book ($24.99)
This nostalgic piece makes a great gift for grandparents (and great grandparents) who may not carry a smart phone or just love the good ‘ol days where you can whip open a little book of your kids’ pictures! (Watch my YouTube video above or click here to see it in action!)


This is a great gift option for aunts, uncles, or your co-parent! All of your (or your family’s) co-workers and friends can admire your photos through this subtle and adorable photo calendar! (Watch my YouTube video above or click here to see it in action!)


As a former teacher, I am all about education. With this game your child is learning name and face recognition, but also practicing their motor skills and learning their colors! This is definitely one of my favorites this year and I can’t wait to give it to G! (Watch my YouTube video above or click here to see it in action!)


Fathers everywhere adore things like this! I don’t know about you, but my husband loves to feel included! We have a Mommy & Me board book that G adores so when he finds out he and Grace get to open and read this Daddy & Me book for Christmas he is going to be elated! There are spaces for photos and a small description on each page! (Watch my YouTube video above or click here to see it in action!)


Have your partner design this for you so that you can read it with your babe. I have three of these books because I love being able to document G and I’s adventures. We read them almost every night, and someday when she is older she can read them to me! You can also make a Book of Names and Faces for family member recognition! We have one and it has really helped G recognize the family members that she doesn’t see on a regular basis! (Watch my YouTube video above or click here to see it in action!)
Lastly, we did our holiday cards though Pinhole Press and loved them, so be sure to check out their holiday card selection! We went with the gallery style premium ultra thick paper, and I must say I am very impressed! (Watch my YouTube video above or click here to see it in action!)
Christmas is coming up fast so, if you plan to, be sure to place your order asap to get them in time to wrap and put under the tree!
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