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This post is long overdue, my friends. Two very important people in my life are pregnant right now and I helped them both with their baby registries as this was all very fresh in my mind still. It was still overwhelming; even the second and third time around.
As a new mom myself just a few short months ago, I was scouring the internet for things I REALLY needed. I had absolutely no clue where to start when registering for G. They really should offer podcasts or tutorials on this type of stuff. How are you supposed to know what you need for a new baby when you’ve never had a new baby before?!
Needless to say, I now know all the things I will need next time I have a baby. Although, I do understand that not all babes are the same. Just because your first baby loves a pacifier doesn’t mean baby #2 will. So because of that, I pretty much only included things you’re sure to need, no matter the type of baby, no matter the baby’s preferences.
Here are ten things I absolutely could not live without when it comes to baby stuff. Because believe me… you will think you need one million things, but it honestly just comes down to a few necessities. 
A co-sleeping mama, (or just about any mama’s dream) a safe place to position/lay your baby while they sleep.

All babies have to take baths! Why not make it a fun experience? We rotate our bath toys to keep life interesting, and G always looks forward to bath time. (There were a few months where she literally couldn’t stand the bath.)

The only place I could safely set G while I was in the shower… her bouncer seat. That is pretty much the only time she sat in it, but that’s because I wore her everywhere else. Still, a great investment for those first few months, in my opinion!

This is a big one and something that I feel sometimes gets overlooked. I took monthly pictures of G’s first year and it makes me so happy to have those and cherish them forever. Definitely be sure you’re ready to document your sweet babe’s first few months/years of life! You won’t regret it.

Okay. Put the bulb syringe down and step away from it asap! You don’t need that horrid thing. The Nose Frieda is the greatest invention ever. A way to remove snot from your child’s nose with…air!

Okay so this may be personal opinion, but since G loves books I couldn’t not include books on my comprehensive list. Bedtime stories not only help with oral language development, developing a wide vocabulary, and they help instill a natural bedtime routine if you read books with your baby or children before bed.

Ugh. This is a big one. Especially since I don’t have an easy-to-clean high chair. I love the one I linked above and I’m totally eyeing it for my next baby. Think about this: Your baby literally eats in this thing three times a day, and friends, babies are not neat eaters, haha.

I love these blankets because I didn’t have to worry about G pulling the blanket over her face while she slept. It zips on with ease and bonus: it’s way easier than swaddling.

Chewbeads or any other product that allow baby to teeth on it or fiddle with are absolutely useful. Babies teeth for… forever it seems like, so you definitely want options. We had Sophie la Girafe, several medical grade silicone teether rings, and also lots of chewable necklaces that I would wear while wearing G. Did you get all that? You get a cookie.

It’s total coincidence that this item is last on my list. These aren’t in order of priority or anything, but I suppose I am happy that it’s last so I can really instill this one into you! One word: babywearing. I wish someone had told me how it would change my life. How much I would wear G and bond with her in that way. Every mama needs a baby carry. Every one. I don’t care if you’re a SAHM, WAHM, working mom, a dad, an adoptive mom. All moms. Should. Babywear! Every baby can benefit from it!
If you are interested in more info on babywearing, see my posts below!

A lot of thought went into each item on my list. What do you feel is a must-have that you don’t see on this list?

xo. L

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