Hello lovely ladies! These photos were taken this weekend on a very gorgeous day – it’s already starting to heat up around here! I foresee many pool days in my future. Anyway, I had just colored my hair, and I must say I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m most comfortable with super light blonde hair, but as I get older, I started wishing that my lovely blonde locks had a more natural look to them. Therefore, I asked my amazing stylist, Ashlie, to color my hair in more of a Lauren Conrad tone. She did an absolutely fabulous job, and it seems as though this may be a little more low maintenance for summer. My hair is growing super fast, but not fast enough! Trying to be patient here.
Anyway, I absolutely adore this sundress. It is classic, fun, super light, and airy. The neckline looks great with a statement necklace, and for work last week I paired this with a denim jacket. I think the smaller stripes on my TOMS wedges just complete the look for a tiny bit of pattern mixing.

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