I am so excited to share this amazing new accessory with you today! It’s not only stylish but majorly functional! These lovely little things are called Luxe Links. These link to your purse and hook to a table at a restaurant [or in my case my favorite local coffee shop!] so that you don’t have to set your purse on the floor or keep it on your lap. I have to admit, I’m very protective of my purses. I don’t want to set them on the gross floor where people walk, or keep them on my lap where food could potentially spill on it!

Luxe Link fixes these purse problems for good. See below how I used it to hold my favorite Coach bag. Also, take a look at the image below for directions on how to use when you get your very own!

There are so many fun colors to choose from- they’ve got darling seasonal designs, monograms, and even a Swarovski Crystal series! My personal favorite was the Peridot Swarovski Crystal one! It’s perfect for Spring, and provides a bright pop against the cognac brown color of my bag. Now for the fun part.

You can win a $150 gift card to LuxeLink.com by entering the giveaway below! What’s even more exciting is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO ENTERS gets a $15 gift card! That’s right, just for entering the giveaway, you win a gift card worth $15 towards your very own Luxe Link! Fill out the form below!

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