Wearing: H&M tank | Target top (similar) | Gap skirt (similar) | Old Navy boots | J.Crew beanie (similar)Michael Kors Watch | My Flat in London bow bangle | Michael Kors bag (similar)
Hello everyone! Just sharing a fun print mixing outfit.  One of the things I consider when print mixing is pairing like colors for a more united look.  Also, I’m trying to figure out why I have never worn skirts and booties before.  This will definitely change.  Anyway, I’m here to be a little more transparent today rather than just a normal outfit post- I’ve been feeling so inspired by things that are NEW, and I can’t wait to share my goals for 2014. I’m such a goal-oriented person. I don’t function unless I have something to work towards… so here goes.
Four things I’d like to keep in mind in 2014:
1: Have JOY | I’ve decided that “joy” is my word for 2014. I want to find as much joy as possible in the mundane little things that I seem to be unappreciative of amidst my busy weekly schedule.  With working full-time, taking grad school classes full-time, blogging, trying to have somewhat of a social life, and having time for myself, life just seems to get very very busy. I want to change my attitude and just try and find the joy instead of living with stress. It’s all about attitude, right?
2: Stay Connected | I have a very big family, and a huge network of friends that I’ve known for a long time. I want to make it a goal to stay connected with my family.  I want to be better at showing appreciation for my family and the relationships that I value so much, but never take the time to express.
3: Live Healthily | I am making some necessary lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, exercising more, and lowering my level of stress [mentally that is]. I’m participating in the Whole 30 challenge during the month of January, and I actually have started working with a personal trainer to help me maintain a routine exercise schedule.  With personal training sessions twice a week for the next four months, I’m bound to make exercise a habit, no? Anyway, I know I’m young, but I want to make these changes to my lifestyle before I start a family and life gets even busier than it already is!
4: Give |  I dedicate a great deal of time to my job and its’ requirements, but I don’t want to be a “giver” only within the context of my job. Whether I’m giving my personal time, money, or words of appreciation and thankfulness, I want to be someone who is remembered as “the servant of all” and I know that sounds weird because “servant” has a very odd connotation to it.  But really all it means is that I want to do all I can to enrich other’s lives, because after all, it all comes back to relationships, right? That’s what we live for.
What are some goals you’ve set for 2014? I’d love to hear them and discuss!

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  1. Great look! I love your shoes – great choice for this outfit. I love what you did with your hair too. This color combo is amazing and you look gorgeous!

  2. Love the booties. I agree, they look great for the "tight-less" skirt look! I do love the plaid shirt, is it flannel? Flannel seems to be in, but I'm not sure it wash 'n wears really good?
    Love your list! It's nice to see an inspired list instead of the usual lose 10 lbs stuff. The only thing I would add to the list for me is #5 Learn. Never stop learning and growing as a person. Be someone your kids can look up to and learn from!~

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