Click after the break to view a few more photos of our beach ceremony!

Our ceremony was on the sand, literally two feet from the waves.  It’s how I always dreamed I would wed, and I am so lucky to have a husband who was understanding and passionate enough to share that dream with me.  Like I said in my last post, I was a VERY relaxed bride.  There were only a few things I ended up stressing about in the end.  I wanted to have a really good photographer, because in the end the memories and photos are all you have left after those initial 24 hours have passed.  I also requested that my girls have coral orange dresses, but I had them each pick out their own. None of them lived in the same state as each other, so I’d say it worked out pretty well!  They all matched!  I also knew that I wanted to have very relaxed formal wear, so my husband didn’t wear a tie or jacket, and our groomsmen were just dressed in black suit pants and a crisp, white dress shirt!  My bouquet of sunflowers was my last and final request, and I have to say, they really pop in our pictures and I love the bright yellow versus any of the other flowers I considered.
P.S. The “Mrs.” necklace in the second photo is a Kate Spade piece was my husband’s gift to me right before our ceremony.  It was absolutely perfect and I still wear it with pride to this day, of course. 😉  I’m not sure if I’m going to share photos of our reception only because I’m getting anxious to share some fun outfit posts and giveaways with you.  I also want to give you a heads up, there are going to be some pretty exciting changes on the blog in the near future.  Not major changes, but slight ones that will enhance your experience as a reader!  Stay tuned!

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  1. So pretty! We had a really relaxed beach wedding as well. I think it is better that way- you get to enjoy it more! You look lovely and I have that mrs necklace as well!


  2. You look stunning! I am so glad that you were able to be relaxed and really enjoy the experience. I am a bride's maid in a wedding tomorrow and the bride is so anxious, it has been really difficult to get her to calm down. For having such a simple wedding, yours is so elegant and beautiful. Great work and enjoy the future with your husband!

    xoxo Sarah Beth
    Caring Cowls

  3. Oh my!! I have been off the grid for a while!! Congratulations!! You look so beautiful and what a lovely wedding you had.

    Cheers to a life full of love and cherished memory making!!

  4. I LOVE that you had a beach wedding! And the color of your bridesmaid dresses are perfection! Such a gorgeous wedding and bride! Congrats you two lovebirds!

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  6. Great shots, Elle! Wedding plans mainly focus on the ceremony and reception, but you gave the same priority to photography. These amazing photos will always remind you of the most wonderful day of your life. I'm pretty sure you'll also post photos of your newborn too – when you already have one. 🙂

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