Wearing: Top- Gap (similar) | Skirt- Target | Heels- Nine West | Neon Bag- Old Navy | Sunglasses- Prada | Watch- Michael Kors | Necklace- LOFT | Link/Leopard Bracelets- J.Crew | Lips- Nars “Funny Face”
Here you have it- Elle’s hair without being blow dried, straightened, or anything.  I used to despise my curly hair and wouldn’t be seen out of the house unless I had blow dried it at least, but sometimes I embrace the curl and just let it be.
I have two words to describe this outfit: flirty and feminine.  I love how bright and cheerful it looks. (So, four words, I guess.)  The combination of the hot pink lips and hot pink skirt with the yellow neon details is just so summery. I think this is about as “office style” as I can get for work too.  Most days chalk up to something similar to this: a pencil skirt and cute top, but I always end up wearing flats or sandals because of the high demand of being on my feet 24/7 with the kids!  Not that I’m complaining 🙂  One last thing- I think the gold detail of the belt really breaks up all the color and adds something to the outfit.  I know it’s a tiny, skinny belt, but look at how much it pops!  I know this season it’s supposed to be about the absence of color, but let’s face it- I’m sort of committed to dressing colorfully, just look at the name of my blog!  Hope you have a fabulous week!
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  1. Love the outfit! And your hair looks cute like this..I'm all about the natural waves/curls during summertime! It's just too hot to blow dry and curl everyday!

  2. Dear Elle! A classical combination of three colours, no more.Perfect. A trigly dressed woman underlining the trimness of her figure and pretending to be a fixture in most rosters of the country blod's best-dressed women in future, I think. Smart casual as every self- respected woman can get for work in, to look smart. How much does a classy womam like this be appreciated by colleagues and men in particular? All the clothes are in harmony with vital statistics. The combination of colours, natural hair and accessories(sunglasses,necklace,hot pink lips, yellow neon- picture2) make the clean face baby, very nice and denoting energy. The combination of a hot pink skirt with the yellow neon details,the gold detail of the thin belt, navy top, the shadows against the sun(pictures4&6), make the body form-fitting and nicely balanced in conformation, in general flirty and feminine. So you managed to do the best of it. You are adored and loved by many.

  3. what an adorrrrable outfit! i love it. the skirt adds a fun pop of color and texture. And I like how you mixed in the yellow as well! And I LOVE your natural hair! So pretty.

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl

  4. Hi Elle,
    I'ts Aida from mylifeinmascara.com, first I wanted to say THANK YOU for stopping by my blog! I really do appreciate it and YES I'd love to follow & keep in touch! I am loving this look, the skirt is so pretty & feminine and I just LOVE the way you added the POP of color with your handbag and lipstick. I'm glad you embraced your curls too. Head to toe fabulous! Xo

  5. So cute! I love hot pink with navy and have been sporting that color combo a lot recently, glad to see you like it too!
    The color of those pumps looks great on you. They look like the same color of a pair of wedges I just bought (these: Franco Sarto wedges) I'm not sure the color looks as great on me as it does on you, but hey I can always get a spray tan to help!

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