Top: H&M (love this one)
Skirt: H&M
Wedges: BCBG via TJ Maxx
Necklace: F21 (love this version)
Bracelet: Givenchy
Lips: Revlon Plum-alicious
Clutch: gift
*Photos thanks to Brittany

This ensemble is one of my favorites so far this season. I’ve definitely hopped on the camo, “oxblood”, collared necklace trend as well but I was feeling a little peplum with a light feathery frock. Speaking of my skirt, we need to talk about how it’s a Kate Spade knock off from H&M. (Remember this gorgeous outfit post on Atlantic-Pacific?) Yeah, I saved about $430 by purchasing this version. 🙂 Anyway, I had a great time prancing around our local fashion week with my gorgeous friend, Brittany. I will share more on that in another post though. I got some gorgeous shots from some pretty cool lines including Furne One. Thanks for reading. xo.

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  1. Oh my gosh that skirt has incredible texture! I never even knew that Kate Spade had a skirt like this, much less a knock off from H&M. It's incredible!

  2. So adorable – was waiting to see this post after your instragrams! You look phenomenal! And, this skirt is baaanaaanaaas!

    Plus, what an awesome string of events to get to go to! (I think I totally miss out by being in So Cal still – little fish, big pond!)

    Can't wait to see you next month! <3

  3. that sparkly collar is just perfect with that oxblood shirt! i also loveeee your hair! i used to have bangs like yours, but they were so hard to manage after awhile, i grew them out… i'm reconsidering cutting them again because yours looks so great!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment! I would love to follow each other! In fact, I just became your newest follower 🙂 Hopefully you can follow me back – you've got a great blog and I'm totally loving this peplum outfit!

  5. thank you for visiting my blog and following! i'm following u back!
    love ur style! i tried on that skirt from hm but didn't get it! it looks soooo good n u! <3

  6. Love your style & love your blog!! This outfit is so cute & love the collar necklace, thanks for the comment & I've requested to follow you on twitter! (:


  7. You look so cute! I love the wine and white combo, especially with that collar! Love the tops color and that its peplum! Oh, and im gladly following you back!


  8. You did such a great job with this and love how you got the skirt for less, i definitely remember that one from her blog and I like your's better. I think it could go with more outfits. 🙂 The oxblood is one of my favorites too and I love how you look so happy and real in these photos, beautiful from head to toe!

    nice post

  9. I love every ounce of this outfit! That skirt is to-die-for, I cannot believe its from H&M!! And that top with the collar necklace, perfection! I would wear this in a heartbeat!!


  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, loving yours too. You are too cute! Love this outfit. Such a great combo! Love the collared necklace too, I didn't realize it was a necklace either! Will follow you on GFC as soon as I get home, can't access it from work…boo to work! Looking forward to following you!


  11. Love the Peter Pan color, really spices up this outfit up! Not that it isn't already spiced:) following you back and can't wait to see more!!

    Ps awesome job on the skirt savings!

  12. You look so beautiful, those burgundy shades are gorgeous on you! x

    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway and would like to invite you to enter, if you like the prize, of course. 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for the comment and follow! I'm following you back:)! I *LOVE* your blog too! So glad you found me:)! I see you're friends with Brittany:)! She's such a sweet girl! As for your style, you are quite the fashionista my friend! Looking forward to your posts! P.S. This whole outfit is just gorgeous!

  14. hi elle, thanks for visiting me at thesecondbestareveryexpensive.blogspot.com! i'm so excited you like my little blog!

    let me just tell you that i adore your outfit for two reasons, 1) because i just purchased that same exact h&m top (so clearly, you're awesome) and 2) i've oggled that skirt on atlantic-pacific and love the not-so-bank-breaking version you have on!

    i've just added you to my morning reading blog list and can't wait to see more!

  15. Girl, you have pretty much nailed this outfit! Loving the deep red peplum top matched up with the embellished collar necklace! Fabulous!

    I'm following you!

    Rachael xoxo

  16. Elle thank you so much again for stopping by my blog and I have to say I love your blog!! Your outfit in this post is simply fab and I can't get enough of how you styled the trends together so perfectly! I am following you on blog lovin and hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo, Phoebe

  17. These little feathery skirts have just stolen my heart lately…they hearken back to the Jazz Age and just have so much innate glamour to them! Love, love, love that you made it ultra fem with your peplum top and that gorgeous sparkly collar!

    <3 Cambria

  18. Hi Elle,

    Loving this Wine and Ice look you've put together. Constantly craving bordeaux this season and so in love with the collar necklace. The two together…simple perfection. Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly from chic Saturday

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