denim from Nordstrom (last seen here)
top from H&M (last seen here)
Me Too flats
vintage station coach
Target tortoise watch
J.Crew pavé link bracelet
bangle from T+J designs
bow from etsy’s pink and blue shop

You know- This outfit is from a while ago, and I’ve yet to share it! Also, I’m not sure what my feet are doing in the last picture, but I liked the angle and the interesting face I’m making, so I went ahead and included it. Sometimes a blogger’s pictures aren’t always going to look like she did a full-on fashion photo shoot every day…and that’s okay. I’m cool with awkward, unnatural poses, because that’s how life is sometimes, awkward, unnatural and stressful. Speaking of… it’s been an interesting weekend. I did a lot of fun things and felt an equal amount of stress for particularly no reason other than anticipating the week ahead of me. Nonetheless, I’m ending my weekend by posting this minnie-mouse inspired outfit (this was completely accidental, I swear) The pants are actually burnt orange, not read, and I really love them. They’re super comfortable and I’m starting to get brave and pair them with more than just black or neutral colors. Thanks for reading loves.
p.s. sorry about the AK giveaway- trying to work out some logistic details… hopefully will be able to post it this week!

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  1. This. Is. So. Cute. I seriously saw those exact flats recently at Last Chance and was DYING to buy them but I couldn't find the other shoe!!!! It was maddening! Oh well, I'll live vicariously through you 🙂

  2. This is such a cute look! I like your whole look…head to toe adorable 🙂

    And I totally get what you mean by awkward poses…LOL! I don't see anything awkward in your pictures, but there are plenty in mine. I just don't think it's a big deal when little mistakes happen. It looks outrageous when bloggers try to literally model in their pics. I think it looks too forced. It's better not to play pretend modeling. Besides, that's what makes blogging fun…it's real. 🙂

    xoxo Azu


  3. I love this outfit. The color combination is perfect for fall:) I definitely see where you got Minnie Mouse from, but I wouldn't have thought that by looking at the outfit. Definitely not costumey.

  4. As always, love this outfit! I'll be the first to say that I'm obsessed with polka dots… and peplum. So naturally, I'm in LOVE when you combine the two!

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